Official Partners of Group S Racing

Official Partners of Group S Racing

VP Racing Fuels Australia today announced the support and partnership with Group S Racing. 

" We're extremely excited to partner with the Group S Racing Association. The class always offers exciting racing. Over the years, we've expanded our product range from just racing fuel, to now include a wide array of performance chemicals."

To kick off our partnership, every Group S competitor will receive one free VP Racing Fuels consumable item free of cost at every race meeting." Said Paul Agazzi ( VP Racing Fuels Australia Director )

"VP Racing Fuels involvement with Historic Racing has kicked off for the season. Group S Classic Sports Cars hit the track at the HSRC Summer Festival 2022,  held at Wakefield Park Raceway. The Group S racers were more than happy to be receiving support from VP Racing Fuels." David Hunt (BDM VP Racing Fuls Australia).

About Group S

Group S is one of the fastest growing categories of historic motor racing in Australia, with spectacular grids running in excess of 55 cars.

Based on mildly modified production sports cars, Group S is designed to provide a forum for competitors to race cars from the '50s, '60s and '70s in a form similar to period club racing. It is comprised of three sub categories - Group Sa, Group Sb and Group Sc.

Group S covers the racing of historic production sports cars. But unlike most other categories in historic motor sport, Group S cars do not need to have “a racing history” nor are issued “certificates of description”. Group S cars are not historic racing cars; they are historic production sports cars, modified within the limits of Group S eligibility criteria.

Basically any historic production sports car within the specified historic period can become a Group S car. Group S therefore has a large pool of potential cars from which to draw. All other classes withthe exception of Group N require the aspirant to find or resurrect a racing car with racing history from the period in question; a more difficult task, and one which also places a limit on the potential size of that racing group.

Most historic race meetings in Australia feature Group S events, ranging from scratch races to endurance races. Regularity events may also feature some Group S cars

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