The new generation of unleaded racing fuels

"We've never seen fuels that are so responsive and accelerate so fast," said VP Racing Fuels Australia General Manager Paul Agazzi. "The gains through the low and mid rpm range were almost unbelievable."

The superior answer

A New Generation of Unleaded Fuels

A New Generation of Unleaded Fuels


VP Racing Fuels Australia today announced, a new generation of unleaded racing fuels will be made available to purchase in Australia. Two new low octane unleaded racing fuels, suited for naturally aspirated drag racing applications, and have shown up to 4% increase in HP and torque.

QM106 - THE SUPERIOR ANSWER. A premium blend, at a premium price. This blend was originally tested in the USA at Book Racing Enterprises Facility.

"The fuel is bad ass - and has a wide tuning window!! It’s by far the best unleaded I’ve ever run!! Great Job Guys!" said Bob Book BRE

QM106 is manufactured with the highest quality base stocks and is best suited for high rpm, high compression engines running at full throttle.

We originally only had the one blend, however, the forward thinking Australian Pro Stock Association added cool cans. This allowed us to become more aggressive. We could reduce octane and increase the RVP. The perfect formula for high rpm NA applications." said Agazzi 

These fuels are low in octane and have high Reid Vapour Pressure. It is essential that you keep these fuels as cool as possible. It is highly recommended that anyone running QM106 also run Stay Frosty Racing Coolant.

QM106 will be sold exclusively through VP Racing Fuels Australia and SCM Race Engines.

QM106 is legal for use in IHRA competition.

All VP Racing Fuels Members will have early access to these new unleaded racing fuels. Not a member? Join now

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