NHRA Pro Stock

Camrie Caruso & Titan Racing Engines has had tremendous success using VP 0WT engine & gear oil.

VP Racing Fuels Australia Introduce 0WT Engine Oil.


VP Racing Fuels Australia today announced, a new 0WT engine oil will be made available to purchase in Australia. The new 0 WT engine oil is specifically designed for naturally aspirated Hi Revving Pro & Super Stock drag racing applications.

"The 0 WT Pro Grade Oil will compliment our new unleaded range perfectly. It's shown massive potential, and we have no doubt it will be the market leader in the near future" said Paul Agazzi GM VP Racing Fuels Australia.

The VP Pro Grade 0 WT engine oil has already been put through it paces. Making its debut in the NHRA Pro Stock with Camrie Caruso & Titan Racing Engines. 

Along with its release, VP Racing Fuels Australia will be creating packages for its existing customers and team members to save on fuel and oil.

"Our customers will have the opportunity to save money on fuel and oil. Use our oil, save big on fuel! "

" Many of our customers are already using low viscosity oils such as LAT. We will be offering deals to swing those customers over to our oils." said Agazzi 

VP Pro Grade 0WT engine oil will be made available to purchase towards the end of the year. For more information, contact VP Racing Fuels Australia on 02 9723 4233, or sales@vpracingfuels.com.au



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