Whats the difference?

C85 vs X85

c85 vs x85

C85 will make more power than X85, and any other E85 blend in the market. In saying that, C85 requires you to retune your engine to suit the fuel. You'll also need to make sure your injectors can handle a 10% fuel increase, and are compatible with MTBE.

X85 is a more basic blend, it's cheaper and does not require you to retune your engine when converting from pump E85. But don't let it fool you, we've seen X85 make incredible horsepower and torque gains over pump E85.

Before choosing the correct racing E85 for your engine, you'll have to answer a couple of quick questions. What E85 are you currently running? Can you retune? What's your budget?

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C85 makes more power

VP Racing Fuels C85 is the most powerful blend on the market. Countless dyno results have proven to show, C85 makes 5% more than pump gas and the V8 supercar blend.

C85 Requires its own unique tune up

Unlike X85, C85 requires you to retune your engine to suit the fuel. This fuel is not a straight tip in. C85 requires a fuel increase. You also have to make sure your injectors are compatible with MTBE.

X85 VS PUMP 85

Unlike pump E85, X85 is consistent from batch to batch and is always blended with 85% ethanol. Another added benefit, X85 is formulated with the highest quality 15% racing fuel gasoline.

Is e85 corrosive?

Like all alcohol fuels, E85 is extremely corrosive. Over time E85 will cause issues with your fuel system and engine internals. If you're running E85, it's recommended you run our M2 Upper Cylinder Lubricant


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