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Racing fuel drum
Racing fuel drum
Racing fuel drum
Racing fuel drum


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The best homologated Motorcycling Australia blend on the market. Roo100 works in both two and four stroke applications. It requires minimum retuning and will give your engine some serious horsepower.

Roo100 is used by the majority of factory backed MX & SX teams. These include, KTM, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and Gas Gas.


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This product complies with the Australian Petrol Standard and does not require a racing license to be presented at the time of purchase

Motor Octane90
Research Octane100
Oxygen Content3.70%
Specific Gravity0.711
ColourFluro Yellow

Factory backed

VP Racing Fuels - ROO100

Used and recommended by the leading factory backed MX, SX and Enduro teams. It has powered more championships than all other MA Homologated fuels combined.

CDR Yamaha | KTM | GAS GAS | Husqvarna | Serco Yamaha | Honda | Kawasaki