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Stay Frosty - Racing Coolant

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Packaging Size 1.89 Litre

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Stay Frosty® Race Ready Coolant. A pre-mixed GLYCOL FREE, race track legal, racing coolant.

In comparison to glycol based coolant, Stay Frosty racing coolant reduces engine temps by up to 14°C. Specifically formulated for high-compression, high-heat racing engines. It contains a blend of heat transferring agents, that drastically improves the coolant’s ability to shift heat away from high temperature cylinder heads. Stay Frosty meets all ATSM corrosion protection standards.

It is a 100% water-based and biodegradable. It's ready-to-use straight from the container. 

We recommend that you change your coolant every 2 years.

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    This item is pre-mixed. Tip the contents straight into your radiator.



    We put our Stay Frosty racing coolant through the ultimate test. Mount Panorama. With the help from TransAm Australia, we conducted a series of tests.

    Driver | Edan Thornburrow.

    Car | TransAm Ford Mustang.

    Test | Stay Frosty v Top Selling Australian Manufactured Coolant.

    Initial Observations | Engine temperatures peaked on conrod straight.

    Results | Stay Frosty reduced engine temperatures 10 degrees Celsius