X4-500 10W40 Four Stroke Semi Synthetic Engine Oil

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Introducing our X4 500 Synthetic-Blend 4-stroke dirt bike oil, meticulously crafted with ester-based synthetic components and premium mineral base stocks. To further elevate its performance, we've incorporated cutting-edge additive technology into our exclusive base oil mixture. This unique combination ensures exceptional performance and safeguarding capabilities akin to other fully synthetic formulations. Our X4-500 4-stroke dirt bike oil is engineered with an advanced detergency system that shields engines from detrimental deposits.

Moreover, it boasts a well-balanced set of frictional characteristics, exceptional shear stability, and robust film strength, all of which collectively contribute to exceptional transmission protection. The enhanced detergency in our formula acts as a formidable guardian against harmful engine deposits.

Rest assured, our X4 500 Synthetic-Blend 4-stroke dirt bike oil complies with API SN and JASO MA2 standards, assuring you of its top-tier quality and performance.

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