VP Traditional SAE 60 Racing Engine Oil

Size 946ml Bottle
VP Traditional Non-Synthetic Racing Oils are designed for use in high-performance competition engines under extreme load, torque, and high-temperature conditions. These oils provide an aggressive base oil layer, as well as, enhanced levels of ZDDP to protect engine parts against shock load and alcohol blow-by.

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The Ultimate Formula for Peak Performance!

Our oil is meticulously engineered with top-grade mineral base stocks and a precisely balanced mix of additives to guarantee unrivalled film strength and optimum protection for your engine, whether in action or at rest.

Notably, our oil boasts elevated zinc levels (ZDDP) for added protection, a potent detergent dispersant package, and an aggressive rust and corrosion inhibitor. Trust VP Classic Racing Oil to elevate your engine's performance and safeguard its longevity like never before.

Protecting Australia's Toughest Engines

Become part of the continuously expanding lineup of Australia's most toughest vehicles with the power of VP Engine oil.

Endorsed and favored by Frank Marchese of Dandy Engines.