Racing fuel drum
Racing fuel drum
Racing fuel drum
Racing fuel drum


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Australia’s top selling drag racing fuel. A highly oxygenated Unleaded fuel that produces more power and consistency than any other homologated unleaded fuel. It has powered more sportsman wins than any other racing fuel in Australia.

Recommended for applications with up to 25 lbs of boost and naturally aspirated engines with compression ratios up to 15:1.

MS109 Reg works extremely well in a wide array of applications, including circuit, drift and motorcycle.


This Item cannot be purchased online. Please call our sales team on 02 9723 4233 to purchase direct, or Find A Reseller

This product does not comply with the Australian Petrol Standard and requires a racing license to be presented at the time of purchase.

This fuel contains MTBE and cannot be used in fresh water ways, or fresh water lakes.

Motor Octane100
Research Octane111
Oxygen Content9.32%
Specific Gravity0.72


Motorsport 109 reg is proving to be one of the best unleaded racing fuels in the Australian Market. It makes incredible power at a reasonable price.

"It's the best unleaded fuel on the market" Cavallo Family Racing.