Helicopter 30% Nitro RC Fuel - Carton

Packaging Size

VP's 30% Helicopter has a low-viscosity oil package and a technically-advanced extreme-pressure additive package that eliminates bearing wear under any load. VP 30% powered Alan Szabo, Jr. to the 3D Masters' World Championships. Furthermore, the high-performance lubrication package works exceptionally well for high-load maneuvers, such as "Tic Toc's." In fact, VP 30% Helicopter flows through regulators better than any other manufacturer fuel. The result is a consistent and flowing powerband.

VP wants to make sure you have the very best fuel to give you the best chance to win, including the packaging! The fuel container is just as important to performance as the quality of the chemicals inside. What good is it to put high-performance fuel in a substandard container? To begin with, we use only DOT-approved pressure-tested metal cans with an inner lining to prevent corrosion. We also test the closure cap using the highest standards. As a result, you get the highest quality fuel packaged in a fully sealed can that affords the same performance months down the road as when you purchased it.

4 Bottles in a carton.

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