VP Lane Choice 7™ Track Adhesive

Traction Compound

VP Lane Choice 7™ Track Adhesive


VP’s Lane Choice™ Traction Compound System is the result of several years of intense and detailed R&D. While other manufacturers of adhesives have been standing pat with 20-year old technology, Lane Choice represents the most advanced technology in traction.

VP’s system includes LC7™, LC5™ and Starting Line Resin (SLR), which work together to ensure your track will deliver optimum performance in any weather condition. VP’s top performing compound is LC7, which is effective across the widest range of temperatures of any compound on the market. It delivers optimum performance with track temperatures from 30°-150° F.

The number of tracks using VP’s system across the U.S. is growing each week for good reason. VP’s traction compounds are easier to apply than other compounds, they cost less and you’ll get better performance!


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