Race Fuels



C9 was introduced to complement VP’s popular C10. C9 is an economical race fuel alternative that offers more resistance to detonation and substantial performance improvements over premium pump gas.

In fact, tests in a crate engine showed gains of 3-4 Hp and more torque than a competitor’s 110 leaded race gas! An ethanol-free, non-oxygenated unleaded fuel, C9 burns very clean and won’t harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors. Because it contains no ethanol, C9 prevents all the problems associated with ethanol in pump gas and does not require draining the fuel system while engines sit idle. 

Homologated for use in AIDKA & SKAA sanctioned events.

Parameter Value 
Motor Octane 95
Research Octane 98
Specific Gravity 0.724
Oxygen Content Nil
Colour Red
RVP 6.89