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Ultra Marine - Marine Fuel Stabiliser

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VP Ultra Marine™ stabilizes fuel for up to 3 years! Ensuring the fuel in your boat stays fresh and does not cause any long-term damage. NOW WITH FREE SHIPPING

Ultra Marine™ slows the fuel aging process and keeps fuel fresh by helping to inhibit phase separation, which is an effect of ethanol. Phase separation occurs when enough water has contaminated ethanol-blended gasoline. This causes the ethanol to attach itself to the water molecules. As a result of phase separation, the water/ethanol separates from the gasoline in the tank and settles at the bottom. This can lead to engine knock and other serious issues. This is where a marine fuel additive can help. In fact, Ultra Marine stabilizes fuel for up to 3 years!

VP Ultra Marine™ is blended with a vapor corrosion inhibitor, which protects against corrosion from Ethanol/Water, as well as below the fuel line for non-ferrous metals. Furthermore, Ultra Marine contains an advanced detergent that keeps your carburetor and fuel injectors clean, prevents ring sticking, and helps eliminate carbon and varnish build-up to keep your marine engine running like new.

1 bottle will treat up to 1,000 L of gasoline fuel.

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Pour 30ml of Ultra Marine into 38 Litres of fuel. Mix thoroughly.