Stay Frosty - High Performance Coolant


Stay Frosty - High Performance Coolant

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Stay Frosty® is a proprietary VP Racing Fuels coolant, formulated for high-performance engines that require additional protection from overheating and minimal freeze protection.

It contains a specialized blend of heat transfer agents and propylene glycol that improve the coolant’s ability to transfer heat away from high-temperature cylinder heads. Operating temperatures of engines are reduced by up to 14°F compared to the conventional glycol-based coolant. This increases the density of the air/fuel mix and allows ignition timing to be safely advanced without the threat of detonation -- resulting in more power and torque.

  • Ready-to-Use Premix High-Performance Engine Coolant
  • Contains Wetting Agents for Better Cooling
  • Non-Toxic Propylene Glycol Freeze Protection
  • Reduces Temps Up To 14°F
  • Maximizes Horsepower and Torque
  • Protects all metals from corrosion/electrolysis, including aluminium
  • Prevents scales/deposits that reduce heat transfer




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