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QM25 PLUS - The best performing unleaded fuel on the market today.

While our competitors struggle to match QM25. VP Racing Fuels have set their target much higher!

In comparison to QM25, QM25+ has more oxygen and more Motor Octane. On Australian Pro Stock engines, results have shown that QM25 + makes more torque and on average 10-15 more HP.

It is suitable for all N/A applications.

*This fuel contains MTBE. It cannot be used in freshwater lakes, or freshwater ways.

*This fuel does not comply with the Australian Fuel Quality Standard and be only purchased with a valid racing license.

Parameter Value
Motor Octane 100
Research Octane 111
Oxygen Content 6.97%
Specific Gravity 0.732
RVP 5.02 psi
Stoichiometric A/F 13.62